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Corporate and Commercial Practice

We have advised and structured cross border transactions to enable our clients’ foray in Japan, the Republic of Indonesia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), among others. The Firm also advises in matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures (incorporated and unincorporated), corporate restructuring, take-over code, legal due diligence for corporate exercises, real property transactions, compliance with the prevailing listing requirements of Bursa Securities Malaysia Berhad and other regulatory approvals such as the Malaysian Securities Commission) and mergers and such other matters associated with company law and securities law.

Conveyancing Practice

We provide a wide range of services for conveyancing matters, including but not limited to sale and purchase of property, sale and purchase of shares and goods, probate matters, tenancies and lease agreements.

The Firm is acting for several large Malaysian companies for tenancies and lease related matters.

Banking Practice

We are part of a panel of several Malaysian banks.

The Firm’s engagement by the banks has always been with regards to the drafting, preparation of banking documentation for both conventional retail and corporate loan and Islamic financing facilities and the provision of legal advice in relation thereto from time to time.

The Firm also offers full range of legal services in Islamic banking and finance and has considerable experience in the structuring and documentation of a variety of Shariah transactions based on the principles such as Bai Bithaman Ajil, Bai Al-Inah, Istisna’ and Musharakah Mutanaqisah. The Firm has been engaged in the field of Shariah compliant transactions including the structuring of Islamic securities and Islamic financial product development.

The Firm was involved in the issuance of Murabahah Notes Issuance Facility and Kafalah Guarantee Facility for a public listed company.

Intellectual Property Practice

We are registered Trade Mark Agent, Patent Agent and Industrial Design Agent. The Firm provides pre and post filing advice in respect of intellectual property rights such as trademark, patent, copyright, utility design, geographical indication and industrial design. The Firm also acts as agent in respect of registration of any of the aforesaid intellectual property rights within and outside Malaysia through its counterparts in different parts of the world.

Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Practice

We have advised and drafted for software houses, system integrators and telecommunications companies listed on Bursa Malaysia. The Firm’s scope of work includes drafting of ICT related contracts, providing advice in relation thereto and attending negotiation with client on project contract. The Firm is currently providing advice to various companies listed on Bursa Malaysia on a retainer basis, whose principal activities are the provision of innovative ICT services, solutions and products in both the local Malaysian market and international market.

Industrial Relations and Dispute Resolution Practice

We represent clients in all forums of litigation: lower, high and appellate courts, tribunals, arbitration proceedings. The Firm also manages voluntary separation schemes (“VSS”) and retrenchment of employees within restructuring schemes. The Firm has represented employers in Collective Agreement disputes and other non-dismissal trade disputes. The Firm further provides Corporate Training in Industrial Relations matters to business professionals and civil service employees.

Banking Litigation

We have represented banks and financial institutions in recovering debts for retail and commercial loans / financing (Islamic and Conventional), foreclosure actions and other related actions for various financial institutions in Malaysia.

Property Development Related Matters

We represents various clients, whose core business is in property development. The Firm has been emplaced on the panel of solicitors of several companies to provide legal services relating to their day to day business operation. The Firm has thus far provided legal services such as:-providing advice to our client-developer based on the applicable law prior to the establishment of the Management Corporation (MC) and/or the Joint Management Body (JMB); providing advice to the JMB and the MC (where our client-developer is a representative or committee member of the MC or the JMB or is the management company for the development); acting as the Chairman on behalf of our client-developer for all meetings involving the JMB and the MC; providing advice on amendments to the by-laws of MC; and providing such other advice relating to the day to day operation of business of a property developer.